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Personal injury while working in construction

Get professional help by New York’s top lawyers. We understand the challenges facing the injury of an accident, the loss of a loved one to medical malpractice and the impact of a situation in a person’s life. So we dedicate ourselves fully to bringing justice to your case.

Personal injury while working in construction

Personal injuries or accidents are facts to which we are exposed in the least expected moment and can cost you and your loved ones great economic impact, pain, suffering and temporary or permanent disability. If you are a victim of an accident you are entitled to be compensated financially by the negligence or wrongful conduct of others.

When you are involved in an accident, insurance companies are often quick to try to get a deal to close your case, asking you to sign documents without the advice of a lawyer. DO NOT accept any agreement, or fast settlement without legal advice of an experienced accident lawyer. We at Bader & Yakaitis, LLP are here to assess your case and give you the best evaluation possible without cost.

Choosing a good lawyer to represent you is no easy task. For this reason if you have been involved in any type of accident where you suffered an injury, contact us at 718-770-7922. Our operators are available 24 hours for a free review of your case throughout the State of New York (Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan). We will work diligently to get you the best settlement for your case.

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We have extensive experience in different types of accidents within the general category of personal injury:
• Automobiles and motorcycle accidents • DUI and DWI • Medical Malpractice • Slips and Falls • Industrial Accidents • Aviation Accidents • Electrical Shocks along with many other types of personal injury cases.




Our lawyers get you the best lawsuit settlement possible.

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Our skilled attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation of your case, examine every detail to determine guilt in the accident; our attorneys will fight for you and your loved ones to get the maximum compensation and help you overcome these difficult situations.

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